The Art of Fully Living
By Tal Gur
- 1 Man. 10 Years. 100 Life Goals Around the World

Imagine knowing you had only 10 years to live - Would you change your life? How? In this stirring book, Tal Gur offers his own transformational journey as an inspiring example and practical guide to implementing the art of fully living. You’ll learn how to actualize your potential by forging all aspects of your life through the process built into your life goals. The very structure of The Art of Fully Living models Tal’s immersive approach to goal-driven living: each chapter of The Art of Fully Living is dedicated to a year of focus and follows Tal’s endeavors as he works toward fulfilling 100 life goals in only 10 years. Get the book


By Tal Gur

SMARTER Goals offers a fresh, evolved perspective on setting and achieving goals, ensuring your aspirations don't just remain dreams, but become tangible achievements in your life's journey. Written after a decade-long personal journey of achieving 100 life goals, this book isn't just about setting targets—it's about understanding the intricate interplay between our Ego and ambitions. Get the book


One Year to Freedom
By Tal Gur
- A Life-changing Roadmap for Creating Financial & Location Independence

A life-changing roadmap to living life on your own terms and achieving location and financial independence in one year. The One Year to Freedom book will take you step-by-step through the process setting such an ambitious goal in such a short time span, the necessary mindset shifts you’d need, the habits you’d have to adopt, and the relationships you’d want to create. Get the book

Favorite Reads

Man's Search for Meaning
By Viktor E. Frankl
This deeply inspirational story of triumph of the human spirit over the evils of the Nazi regime, tells the courageous story of a Holocaust survivor, determined to live through his ordeal. His remarkable secret to salvation was to deeply imagine his life having a higher purpose. This belief allowed him to survive the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp he was confined to. Read my takeaways


A New Earth
By Eckhart Tolle
Spirituality guru, Eckhart Tolle enlightens his readers about the cost of allowing ego to dominate one’s life. He shares how to liberate oneself from that limiting mindset to transcend into a new state of consciousness. He points out how protecting the ego leads to preventable suffering around the world, to inspire a new wave of collective consciousness. Read my takeaways


Big Magic
By Elizabeth Gilbert
- Creative Living Beyond Fear
Big Magic is a cheerfully optimistic invitation to dare to live a creative life chasing dreams from the woman who introduced the Bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love”. She dives into the nitty gritty of what creativity is, how it happens and how important is to living a fulfilling life. She inspires and educates her readers to dream big, ten she gives them the the attitudes and habits needed to choose to go for what we want in life, instead of choosing fear. Authors, writers, painters, or aspiring business owners or travellers will feel inspired to take first steps by Elizabeth Gilbert’s empowering words. Read my takeaways


The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist is a simple but powerful novel that tells the spellbinding story of a young Spanish Shepherd on a mysterious quest for treasure in faraway lands. This symbolic adventure is a testament to how far our dreams can take us, if we have the courage to follow them into the unknown, but also that our deepest desires are met from within. Read my takeaways


The Surrender Experiment
- My Journey into Life's Perfection
By Michael A. Singer
Micheal A Singer takes the reader on a wild ride throughout his life to get to the heart of what spirituality means to him, so he can enlighten others. He side steps the spirituality one upmanship, the cacophony of differing opinions on how to live a meaningful life by sharing insights from his own journey. Readers are taken on a wild ride through his time as a solo truth seeker, successful computer program engineer and humanitarian to learn how to trust their own inner process that will take them to a place of lasting satisfaction. Read my takeaways

Free Guides

Design Your Dream Year
By Tal Gur
- A 4-Step Goal Setting Process That Actually Works

Design Your Dream Year has been written for the purpose of encouraging others to live out their dreams. After years of experimentation with different types of goal setting processes, I’ve come up with a simple 4 step system which enabled me to achieve all my major dreams in the last decade or so. Get it here for Free


Healthy Social Media Habits
By Tal Gur
- A 4-step process for transforming the way we use social media

After reading Healthy Social Media Habits you will be able to divert your social media cravings to a more productive and meaningful use. More importantly, you will know the exact steps you need to take to develop and maintain a healthier relationship with social media. Get it Here for Free


The SMART Bucket List
By Tal Gur
- 1000+ SMART and Actionable Goal Ideas

Whether you are seeking adventure or self-discovery, this resource will provide you with 1000+ SMART goal ideas to inspire you to create your life goals list.. Get it Here for Free

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