The Art of Fully Living
By Tal Gur
- 1 Man. 10 Years. 100 Life Goals Around the World

Imagine knowing you had only 10 years to live - Would you change your life? How? In this stirring book, Tal Gur offers his own transformational journey as an inspiring example and practical guide to implementing the art of fully living. You’ll learn how to actualize your potential by forging all aspects of your life through the process built into your life goals. The very structure of The Art of Fully Living models Tal’s immersive approach to goal-driven living: each chapter of The Art of Fully Living is dedicated to a year of focus and follows Tal’s endeavors as he works toward fulfilling 100 life goals in only 10 years.

One Year to Freedom
By Tal Gur
- A Life-changing Roadmap for Creating Financial & Location Independence

A life-changing roadmap to living life on your own terms and achieving location and financial independence in one year. The One Year to Freedom book will take you step-by-step through the process setting such an ambitious goal in such a short time span, the necessary mindset shifts you’d need, the habits you’d have to adopt, and the relationships you’d want to create.

Other Life Changing Reads

Man's Search for Meaning
By Viktor E. Frankl

  • Understanding Your Why - Forget the meaning of life as a whole, you just need to work out the meaning of your life.
  • Learn From Your Mistakes - Don't Dwell On Them Focus on where you want to go in life and not where you've been.
  • Face Your Fears To Overcome Them - Overindulging in fears can help you to overcome them. The more you do it, the easier it becomes!
  • Your Attitude Is Up To You - Don't blame your bad mood on others, your attitude is entirely up to you so turn that frown upside down.

The Way of the Superior Man
By David Deida
- A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire

  • Know Your Purpose In Life - if you continue to rush through life, going with the flow, you will not find your life's purpose.
  • Understand The Energy & Balance It - Despite equal rights, there's no denying that men and women are different. Male and female energy is not the same but everyone has a mix of both energies inside of them.
  • Don't Shy Away From Drama – Enjoy It - If your relationship has drama in it, don't worry and think you're with the wrong person, embrace the ups and down and learn how to handle those heated discussions because they're never going to end no matter which partner you chose.

A New Earth
By Eckhart Tolle

  • Stop Identifying With Your Ego - Your ego wants you to fail, it wants you to feel small, and encourages you to feel depressed and sad.
  • Accept Your Life as it is Right Now - Enjoy what you already have. If you cannot accept and enjoy, then at least be at peace with the here and now no matter what is going on
  • Uncover Your Inner Purpose - When people talk about finding their purpose or goal in life they talk about it in the singular sense. But we actually have two purposes to fill in order to be fulfilled; the inner purpose and the outer purpose.

The Power of Now
By Eckhart Tolle
- A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Live in the now - By staying in the present moment we can find inner peace and improve our lives.
  • You Create Pain - A part of your self needs pain in order to survive, it can thrive on feelings of misery. Let this need for pain go on for too long and you can become dependant on it.
  • The Ego Stops You from Being Happy - To leave your ego behind and become a happier person you must separate yourself from your mind, leaving the judgement behind and instead pay close attention to your body.
  • Stay Alert - Being alert is like being in a state where you're actively waiting. You're not off daydreaming or planning the future, and you're not reflecting on the past, you're just waiting for the here and now.

By Seth Godin
- We Need You to Lead Us

  • Take the Lead - To be a leader you can't be afraid to question the norm, step outside of the box and face change head on.
  • You Can Not Be Everything to Everyone - Most people are no longer content with off-the-shelf ideas, they want to get behind a powerful cause with a meaningful story that they can connect with and introduce to their like-minded friends.
  • Build It & They Will Come - As a leader your focus needs to be on creating a meaningful story that others want to follow and share, it cannot be about money.
  • Bigger is Not Better - You need quality tribe members, people who will communicate with other members of the tribe and also introduce their like-minded friends to your cause.
  • Communication Is Still Key - In today's world, tribe members want to be able to interact with you as well as each other. Social media allows you the space to align your tribe with the common goal whilst still having some ground rules in place.

The Untethered Soul
By Michael A. Singer
- The Journey Beyond Yourself

  • Your Thoughts Don't Define You - Our inner voice affects our emotions, it can make us happy or it can make us sad but we forget that our thoughts are just objects of our consciousness.
  • Letting Your Energy Flow - Letting go of your limiting thoughts and your fears is great, but an even better way is to train your consciousness, your self, to turn away from negative thoughts and emotions therefor releases your personal self from the self-made cage so that it can expand.
  • Finding Balance - You have to find the right balance between what you want and what you can realistically accomplish.
  • Reflecting on Death - When thinking of death we understand what's truly important and can then prioritize so that life is spent doing what we love and with the people who mean the most to us.

Big Magic
By Elizabeth Gilbert
- Creative Living Beyond Fear

  • Don't Let Fear Stop Your Creativity - It's never too late to try something new, something that sparks your curiosity, just be sure not to let fear hold you back from trying it and continuing, your fears should coexist with your creativity.
  • Grab Ideas and Run With Them - Don't dismiss that idea you had because you're too busy or because it's too different, allow it to take shape and grab it, before someone else runs with it and you end up regretting that you didn't try!
  • Don't Try To Be Original – Just Be You - Share your magic, your story, your power, your creativity and know that being you is enough.

The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho

  • Follow What Your Heart Desires - No matter what obstacles or fear you face, if you follow your heart you'll always learn a lesson and come out the other side being 1 step closer to what your soul desires.
  • Know That You Will Fail - Failure is inevitable as you fulfill your personal legend, don't let it stop you, just learn the lesson and move on, failure is progress.
  • Maktub – It Is Written - Every person you meet, every conversation you have, everything you do each day plays a role in the universe, you just don't realise how important 1 word to a stranger can be, or how your life shapes the world.
  • Fear Is The Biggest Obstacle - If you can do the scary thing fast, the fear won't be so big, it won't have the chance to grow.
  • Find The Extraordinary In The Ordinary - If you feel that one day is much the same as the next, break the monotony by noting all the good things that are happening, all the beauty that surrounds you, all the kindness around you.
  • The Ripple Effect - When you strive to be the best version of you, everything around you becomes better too.

The Surrender Experiment
By Michael A. Singer
- My Journey into Life's Perfection

  • Let Go & Be Amazed - Life can suddenly become easy with the right people showing up, the right projects, the right property and so much more – The universe knows what you need much better than your ego does!
  • Surrendering Is Not a Sign of Weakness - When you surrender your life to the unknown you're being strong rather than weak.
  • Listen - Through meditation, you can slow your mind and body down enough to connect with your inner self and hear the guidance that offers up creative solutions.
  • Be Grateful - Make sure that the people around you know how grateful you are for them and what they do.

The 4-Hour Workweek
By Timothy Ferriss
- Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

  • Don't Be a Deferrer - People work and work and work putting money aside for tomorrow but no amount of money is worth a lifetime of work, especially as you can't be sure you'll be around to enjoy it.
  • Learn The DEAL Formula - DEAL formula stands for Definition, Elimination, Automation, and Liberation.
  • Live by the 80/20 Rule - About 80% of your work output results from 20% of your effort. Spin that around, 20% of your tasks will yield 80% of your results. This is where the Elimination part of the DEAL formula comes in.

Step-by-Step Guides

Design Your Dream Year has been written for the purpose of encouraging others to live out their dreams. After years of experimentation with different types of goal setting processes, I’ve come up with a simple 4 step system which enabled me to achieve all my major dreams in the last decade or so. Some of benefits you can expect from using my 4 step process include:

  • Identify and pursue your biggest, most audacious dream.
  • Break a long-term goal up into manageable pieces with benchmarks.
  • Focus your energies where you can achieve the most.
  • Create a plan that’s simple, yet ensures results.
  • Adopt supportive habits that actually stick.
  • Measure your progress along the way, week-by-week.

Design Your Dream Year: Get it here.

The Great Bucket List features 3,000 ideas to do before you die. It was designed to fill you with a sense of possibility and get you motivated to make your own bucket list. You can use it to:

  • Reflect on your life
  • Give yourself a boost of motivation
  • Get ideas for New Year’s Resolutions
  • Find a new sense of direction
  • Set personal and professional goals
  • Dream of the possibilities that life has to offer

The Great Bucket List: Get it here.

After reading Cure Facebook Addiction you will be able to divert your Facebook cravings to a more productive and meaningful use. More importantly, you will know the exact steps you need to take to develop and maintain a healthier relationship with Facebook. This guide will also help you:

  • assess the seriousness of your Facebook addiction
  • understand exactly why you’re (choosing to be) addicted to Facebook
  • know what a healthy relationship with Facebook looks like
  • identify your problematic facebook usage patterns
  • learn how to monitor your addiction so you don’t fall back to your old behavior!

Cure Facebook Addiction: Get it Here.

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