The Power of a Blessing

Recently, I went on a waterfall tour through the more remote region of northern Bali, where I was able to re-discover just how sacred water really is.

In society, we tend to view water as just a typical liquid substance. However, water is, in effect, a medium with memory. "Water memory experiments" have been conducted all around the world and have shown that water is capable of recording and storing information. In fact, any substance coming into contact with water leaves a trace in it.

In nature, water is at its most enlivened state. During its journey down, water absorbs information about the properties of the soil and is filled with the energy of the sun. At this point, water is full with energy ready to provide life.

In cities, however, water is forced to flow along straight channels, instead of the natural more spiral patterns which allows it to breathe and remain vital. Also, when water journeys through a city plumbing, it collects chlorine, hydrogen, dirt, pollution, which can affect our health. In cities it's also a closed loop system. The water returns back to use still remembering anything negative it was subjected to.

The good news is that due to the fact that water is a medium with memory, we can literally purify water with our thoughts. Something which seem quite obvious to our ancestors - almost in every culture around the globe, it's the practice to bless water and recite prayers before eating or drinking.

In the scientific world, there are many studies that show how intention can positively water due to its special properties. There has been a famous study in Japan where water was exposed to different words and a variety of outside stimuli: Gentle words manifested delicate crystals, words of beauty created beautiful crystals, and so forth - The crystal form reflected the power of intention behind the words.

So my message is simple: the next time you're around water, simply bless it...

Plus, we, human beings, are mostly water, our planet is mostly water, anything alive is mostly water...

So the next time you're around someone, simply bless them..

It sounds simple because it is.

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