2010… 2011

To me, it feels like 2010 came and went so fast. I still find it hard to believe that I’m more than 8 months on the road, traveling to places I only dreamed of a year ago. Some of you know that around a year ago, both my parents had a terrible car accident, which […]

2009… 2010

“Are you going to travel forever?” This question has been repeatedly asked over the last year by other travelers who have heard that my business allows me to continue traveling indefinitely. I’ve been on the road for the last 10 months now, and I’m obviously living not only my dream, but also one many others […]

2008… 2009

So 2008 has officially ended with celebrations of Christmas and NYE with friends in Melbourne. This is actually the first time I celebrate my holidays in Melbourne, even though I’ve lived here for the last 5-6 years… With most of my close friends overseas for NYE, 15 of us managed to have one last gathering […]

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