Wildfires Impact

Having lived in Australia for 6 years, it was devastating to hear of Kangaroo Island’s recent fire, where tens of thousands of koalas are feared dead on one island alone. Due to the increasing number of global wildfires and our warming planet, I decided to educate myself on the subject and felt like sharing some […]

2019… 2020

It’s that time of year again — time to reflect on the past year, turn a new page, and set new intentions for 2020. If you’ve been following my journey thus far, you’ll know that every year, around the holiday season, I pick one primary focus for the upcoming 12 months. This simple yearly ritual […]

The Power of a Blessing

Recently, I went on a waterfall tour through the more remote region of northern Bali, where I was able to re-discover just how sacred water really is. In society, we tend to view water as just a typical liquid substance. However, water is, in effect, a medium with memory. “Water memory experiments” have been conducted […]

On Busyism

We (aka I) have an obsession to keep busy. We often run around like ants who’ve lost their trail, pretending that if we cease for a moment life will somehow fall apart. What we do, in reality, is distracting ourselves from the real, big, and often scary questions. You know, questions like, “What’s the meaning […]

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