Accepting Death

Seems there’s never a dull moment in my life. A few days ago, I was bitten by a yellow Scorpion. Lucky, the venom wasn’t too poisonous. Its effects were mild and the numbness and tingling went away eventually. Compared to my last year snakebite experience which nearly cost me my life, this time there was […]

Peak Renewal

We live in a 24/7 fast-paced world. From the moment the internet came into being, we’ve been constantly “ON,” constantly on our devices, constantly on-the-go. Most of us race through our days without taking enough time to renew our mind, body, and spirit.  When you think about it, we rarely stop in our daily lives […]

Elevating Boundaries

Setting personal boundaries is not only important for ensuring relationships are mutually respectful, but it’s also imperative for upleveling your life. Your ability to define and maintain these boundaries has a direct impact on the character you want to evolve into, and it can save you a lot of precious time and energy.  When you […]

Quiet Reflection

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be about who can shout the loudest and drink the most. It can be about quiet reflection, making heartfelt resolutions for the year ahead. This year, I decided to spend my New Year in a remote place in nature. No big party, no fancy celebration, no bells and whistles […]

2018 – 2019

It’s that time of year again… time to reflect on the past year, turn a new page, and set new intentions for 2019. If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you’ll know that every year, around the holiday season, I pick one primary focus for the upcoming 12 months. This simple, yearly ritual […]

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